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Personal Taxation –

Managing tax for individuals and families is one way in which we protect your financial future.

Whatever your personal context, we bring our valued expertise of tax legislation to your service, making certain that you get the maximum value from your tax accounting. This includes:

  • We ensure that you are in full compliance with laws and regulations; you may be secure in the knowledge that your affairs are safely within the law.
  • At the same time, we use our expert knowledge to limit your tax liabilities to the minimum. You can be certain that every possible benefit to which you are entitled within the law has been applied.
  • We complete your Tax Return and plan your future financial affairs in the most tax efficient manner possible.
  • If you are subject to Fringe Benefits tax, or if you have Salary Packaging Benefits, we find the optimum solution for reducing your exposure.

All of our effort is devoted to your specific needs; we are dedicated to focusing on your tax agenda.

Business Taxation –

Tax compliance is always a great concern for businesses; we take it off your hands. Working with our experts, we ensure that your business is entirely compliant, and that your reporting conforms to the best-practice legal and regulatory standards. We also focus on your specific tax profile to ensure that your company misses no opportunities to reduce liabilities.

But managing taxation for businesses is as much about planning and advice as it is about preparing returns.

Tax planning has to be pro-active to be effective, and therefore a regular review of your overall situation so savings can be made are highlighted.

We work with you to review your strategy as well, so that if you undertake transactions which might affect your tax position, you understand the implications.

We also advise on the best tax structures for your business, and, as you expand, we propose changes in your corporate structure to limit your tax liability.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is evolving rapidly in a changing world. You need to rely on quality people to keep your company up to date.

This is what distinguishes RDV Business Solutions: The quality of our people. We have extensive expertise at the highest level of financial accounting. Our people will work closely with you, attentive to your specific needs, and adapting our work to you. Working with highly skilled professionals, our advice will ensure you are well informed and prepared for the developments in accounting and reporting practice most relevant to you.

RDV Business Solutions provides financial accounting and accounting technical advice, support tools, guidance and training which will help to improve the quality of your financial reporting. We can improve the IT tools that you use for reporting, and provide guidance to evolve your systems in the future. We also provides services around the application and implementation of existing accounting standards and reporting requirements; creation of financial risk management and hedge accounting policies; and, preparation of restated financial statements.

With all this, we provide our own state-of-the-art accounting systems that ensure effective and efficient service delivery. With our systematised accounting software, RDV Business Solutions offers end-to-end accounting services and can assist with all your compliance obligations with the Australian Taxation Office.

GST Services

The Goods and Services Tax is well-known to us all after more than a decade of existence in Australia, but it still requires attention.

But many businesses still have issues with GST returns. Over-claiming credits is a typical error made by businesses, and often cited by the Tax Office. The Tax Office also warns about issues relating to record keeping, cash businesses and careless BAS handling. Often there is misunderstanding of the classification of taxable supplies as”GST free,” or wrongly non-taxable.

So careful handling and record-keeping will go a long way to making sure these sorts of errors cannot slip through. That is where RDV Business Solutions can help you. By taking the burden of GST return processing from your shoulders, you can be assured of compliance and safe handling. RDV Business Solutions will handle your registration, preparation of quarterly or monthly activity statements, lodgment of activity statements, and also offer advisory services to see that your expenses in this area are reduced in the future.

Superannuation & Estate Planning

At RDV Business Solutions, our experts work to help you reach a secure financial future, and to attain the goals you seek. We provide a broad range of specialist advice, so we can focus on what you need.

We can help your Superannuation goals be realised, which can be terribly confusing to manage and daunting to achieve. Whatever approach you choose we can help you to see that it pays off properly.

RDV Business Solutions can also manage your estate planning, with families and family groups becoming more complex in today’s world; estate planning has become even more important in today’s society and often can involve more than a simple Will.

We can work closely with your family and your solicitor to ensure that your wealth passes with as little difficulty as possible on to your children and beneficiaries, and in the form that you wish it to take.

As always, we are dedicated to finding the specific solution that will work for your retirement planning, or for your investments.

Corporate Secretarial

RDV Business Solutions are able to maintain statutory records for companies and trusts in accordance with applicable legislation. Our services include:

  • Incorporations of all entities
  • Maintenance of company registers
  • Preparation and lodgment of annual returns
  • Attendance to all other statutory requirements
  • Company searches and information retrieval

Business Advisory

The volatile environment in which businesses operate today necessitates a forward-looking and carefully advised strategy. RDV Business Solutions has longstanding expertise in helping businesses to survive and to grow.

Risk management is a key aspect of our services. But today, risk review includes considerations like finance, technology and geopolitics a wealth of factors in the ‘New Normal’ environment of today. We can help businesses to take control of the multitude of risks, with our business planning services. Our management consultants can also help the business to improve in areas where it is weak.

With competition tougher than it ever has been, performance monitoring and evaluation has become a key function that businesses neglect at their peril. We have experts with the industry experience to understand how to evaluate a business within its sector, and to show where the fault lines are. We can also provide telling industry comparisons to show just how the business measures up.

One of the most complex subjects in finance today is business valuation. There are a plethora of methods and approaches to deciding just – how to decide – how much a business is worth. But we are experts in the field, and we can pick the right approach for your business, one that investors and analysts will respect.

Finance & Leasing

Nothing is more important to a family or a business; when it decides to take on a loan, and that you are making the right decision.

RDV Business Solutions will act in your best interest and match you to the right lender, with the right financing. Our extensive background and knowledge of the area will hold you in good stead when it comes time to finance your new property purchase, business purchase, car purchase or business equipment purchase.

We can help with structuring projects and transactions to suit all your income tax obligations. We can arrange asset acquisitions and disposals, limited-recourse financing, and debt finance for companies.