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Take care of your family and ensure that your wishes are met. Our team of financial experts will help you manage your estate so you can enjoy retirement with peace of mind.

Today’s ‘Modern Family’ is vastly different from what many of us knew when we were growing up. Blended families are more common nowadays and too often we hear of once-loving siblings taking legal action against each other by contesting Wills because they feel cheated or overlooked once their parents have passed on.

Getting it right whilst we’re still here is a far greater outcome than leaving our affairs disorganised once we are gone – and it’s a lot more affordable for our family in the long term. 

Estate Planning Legal Services

At RDV Financial Services, we will review your Estate Planning needs such as Wills, Powers of Attorneys and the commonly overlooked “nominated beneficiaries” on superannuation and life policies. Where we identify any issues, we will recommend you speak to either your own solicitor or if you do not have your own or require specialised assistance we will provide you with details of external solicitors from our recommended panel. Our Melbourne team will work to ensure that your wishes are met and your wealth is distributed the way you want it when the time comes.


Are you aware of all your assets? Do you have an idea about who you would like to pass your assets onto after you’re gone? These are important questions to ask yourself now so that you can make sure your wishes are known and official.

When somebody passes on without a will, the impact on their loved ones can be devastating. While you may think that your assets will automatically be passed to those nearest and dearest to you, the legal system doesn’t always work that way. Your loved ones could end up with nothing to remember you by with your entire estate falling into the hands of somebody else.

Drawing up a simple will ensures that this won’t happen, giving your loved ones financial security and a clear understanding of your wishes.

Power of Attorney

Appointing a general power of attorney or power of guardianship is so often overlooked when planning an estate. Having someone you trust to make decisions for you when you don’t have the ability to do so yourself is invaluable. Ensure that your wishes are met and that you will be properly cared for, no matter the circumstances.

Nominated Beneficiaries

Do you know what happens to the money left in your superannuation fund or income account after you pass away? Without nominating a beneficiary, your loved ones could be denied these assets. Our team will assist you in nominating beneficiaries so that your wishes are respected.

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