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Centrelink can be confusing and overly complicated. We’ll help you navigate your pension or support payments and ensure you’re getting the amount you’re entitled to.

Centrelink is the government body that provides income support such as the Age Pension, Disability support Allowance and Family Tax Benefits to many Australians in need. Payments made by Centrelink are generally subject to an Income test and/or Assets test. What this means is that depending on the benefit you apply for, Centrelink will determine whether or not a payment can be made by looking at how much you have, what you earn, and other relevant factors such as age and ability.

Centrelink Financial Planning Advice

Dealing with Centrelink can be extremely daunting. From years of experience handling complex claims, we know many mistakes are made that can easily be avoided if you know what to do. Many recipients of Centrelink payments aren’t even receiving the amount they are entitled to. Without a thorough understanding of the complex requirements and rules, it’s easy for applicants to be overlooked by the system and, as a result, get less than what they are entitled to receive.

Speaking to us and taking the time to understand your options and review your current entitlement can be extremely beneficial. Our experienced team will ensure that you get the amount you deserve and make the application process as seamless as possible.

Centrelink Planning for Retirement

Are you entitled to receive the age pension? There are many people throughout Australia that qualify for the age pension but don’t know it. Chat to our experts to find out whether you qualify for the age pension and start the application process today.

Disability Support Allowance & NDIS

Did you know that there are multiple disability support payments available to Australians? Navigating the world of disability support allowances and NDIS can be challenging as there are multiple options available, all with varying requirements. We are here to help you determine which benefit you should receive and assist you throughout the application process.

Family Tax Benefits

Do you have children who are dependent on you? You could be eligible for family tax benefits which help with the cost of raising children. Find out how much you could be eligible for and begin the process of claiming your benefits by consulting our experienced Melbourne team.

RDV Financial Services has represented the interests of many clients regarding Centrelink payments and can potentially best represent your interests as well. If you are considering applying or are currently receiving payments that fall short

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