Expert Corporate Secretarial Services in Melbourne for Efficient Company Administration

Are you concerned about corporate non-compliance within your company? Our corporate secretaries will help you meet governance, compliance, and disclosure obligations.

If you’ve got a company trust, it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Our team of business account specialists can take care of all your statutory requirements, including annual returns.

What Are Company Secretarial Services?

You may think that a corporate secretary is simply responsible for taking minutes at board meetings and handling correspondence. In reality, company secretarial services in Melbourne perform the vital role of ensuring corporate compliance across the board. To put it simply, they mitigate risk by ensuring that everyone within the company is meeting their obligations. This is extremely valuable as it makes it much less likely that your company will come up against any major issues regarding compliance in the future.

What Our Corporate Secretaries Do

Beyond producing minutes at board and committee meetings, our corporate secretarial services range from registration of business names, ABNs, TFNs, and GST to ASIC compliance management. For more information about what exactly our corporate secretaries do and what we can achieve with your company, book in for a free consultation.

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