What RDV Business Solutions Clients Need to Know About the Latest Victorian Budget


The Victorian State Budget for 2023-24 has been released, outlining various tax measures and reforms that will have a significant impact on businesses and individuals in the region. As a trusted partner of RDV Business Solutions, we want to ensure our clients are well-informed about these changes and understand their implications. In this article, we will provide an overview of the key aspects of the Victorian budget that our clients need to know.

1. Tax Changes:

The Victorian State Budget introduces several tax changes that will affect businesses of different sizes and sectors. Payroll tax and land tax will increase, with higher rates for businesses with larger payrolls and property holdings. It is crucial for our clients to review their payroll and land tax obligations to assess the impact of these changes on their finances.

2. Transition from Stamp Duty to Annual Property Tax:

One significant reform outlined in the budget is the transition from stamp duty to an annual property tax for commercial and industrial properties. This change aims to make property transactions more flexible and reduce upfront costs. Our clients involved in property transactions should understand the implications of this transition and how it may affect their buying and selling decisions.

3. COVID Debt Repayment Plan:

The Victorian government has introduced a temporary Debt Levy as part of the COVID Debt Repayment Plan. Businesses with annual payrolls over $10 million will face a 10-year Debt Levy, which is expected to generate significant revenue for the government. It’s essential for our clients to assess the impact of this levy on their financial planning and budgeting.

4. Relief for Micro Businesses:

To provide relief for micro businesses, the budget includes exemptions and concessions for those with annual wages below $1 million. This measure aims to support smaller businesses and alleviate their tax burden. Our micro-business clients should explore these exemptions and assess how they can take advantage of these relief measures.

5. Other Significant Measures:

The Victorian budget introduces additional measures that may impact our clients. These include higher absentee owner surcharges, extended exemptions for construction delays and conservation covenants, raised payroll tax-free threshold, removal of payroll tax exemption for high-fee non-government schools, gradual abolition of business insurance duty, and harmonisation of wagering and betting tax rates. It is essential for our clients to review these measures to determine their specific implications for their businesses.

The Victorian State Budget for 2023-24 brings significant tax changes and reforms that will impact businesses in the region. As a trusted partner, RDV Business Solutions is committed to helping our clients navigate these changes and understand their implications. We encourage our clients to consult with our team of experts who can provide tailored advice and strategies to adapt to the new budget measures effectively. By staying informed and proactive, our clients can navigate the evolving financial landscape and make informed decisions to ensure their continued success.

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